Nirvana Collection

Savory Sweets Co.

High in Rotation...

Carnival Collection

Still in Rotation LLC. aka just a dab of the highlife

JSerenityCo (J’aiSerenityCollections) is a space that embodies tranquility & specializes in providing you with handcrafted high end selfcare & cosmetics gems giving you a dab of the highlife. Being Stubborn By Nature incorporates all that is “Serenity” into what is defined as

...Still in Rotation (The Cloud Walker)

Kalon Cleansers

Rose Bath Wax Melts

Hydrating Lip Scrubs

Juicy Glosses

Mango Maddness

Lemon Drop Martini

Strawberry Kisses

Heartbreak Hotel

Gloss of the Month

Still in Rotation Headquarters

1940 Fountainview Dr Suite #1021
Houston, TX

Mon - Fri, 8am-3pm (CST)


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