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About the Owner

I would like to formally introduce myself. I am Louise Lauren also known as TheLouiseLauren, owner of and @PRINCESSLULU_OG. I started arts n crafts as a child, my parents were deeply invested in liberal arts. I would create for hours. I found peace in being able to passionate about something so early on in life. Anyways, 20+ years later I decided to start a skincare business where i targeted skincare that I combated as a teen. I turned a craft in a stream of income.

I recently decided to rebrand, which seemed like a long awaited opportunity. I wanted to still focus on skincare but incorporate body oils and shimmers. Even lipglosses and luxury items from my Luxury Inspired Collection on 

Chakra Collection will be released June 15th 🔮Thanking everyone for their support. 💜

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